Why choose Mi Retail?

A new way to manage your business

Sell more, save more and earn more. Your business from any device such as iPad, Mac, PC or your smartphone.

Access everything and at any time, from anywhere in the world you will have your business in your pocket.

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How to start?




Provide basic information for you to enter.


Configure your store

Create your employees, your franchises and a business name.


Register your products

Upload all your impressive products and photos, you can also post them in the supplier store.


Be a successful seller

Start selling and the system will collect all the information to improve your business instantly.

Perfect for your business

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Payment solutions

Now you will be able to multiple payment methods such as credit cards and cryptocurrencies safely, without complications, without cost overruns.

Products on-demand

Now you can connect with your suppliers in one place, automate your supply and access products efficiently.

Your business in your pocket

Access sales reports from your business and much more from anywhere to identify trends and make timely decisions.

CRM & collection

Integrate our chatbots into your open account collection system or manage your loyal customers to offer them offers and more.


Access lines of credit for your business through our allies in a matter of minutes, without paperwork, without bureaucratic processes.

New commercial channels

Expand your commercial networks by accessing potential customers as a supplier of products throughout our customer network.

You focus on the only important thing, your business.

Reduce the pain of growing your business because with My Retail it is quick and cheap to scale, so you can set up and sell in no time, add new staff, cash registers, sales channels and locations in one click. We are continually adding and developing new features, so your business will always be at the forefront.

The future of retail, today

Whether you have a store, want to sell more online, or want to reach new customers, My Retail will get you where you need to go.

We are loved by over 20,000 businesses worldwide

Our product talk by us, we select only a few recommendations.

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